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A Monument to Virginia Heroes


The Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial honors more than almost 1,000 Virginians who died in public safety service to their communities and the Commonwealth. The Memorial acknowledges them with an engraving of their name, ensuring that their memory is never forgotten and providing a place where their families and colleagues can gather to remember them.



The Memorial is located in a 150ft x 40ft area in front of the Patrick Henry Building in Richmond, Virginia. On the north side of the Memorial, the wall of names runs east/west, slightly elevated from the plaza, a subtle gesture that begins to create a more private space to experience the name of a loved one. A wide walkway runs adjacent to the memorial wall. Along the south side of the walkway is a low water feature that allows for a visual connection to the Capitol. The space and sound of the water maintains the individual’s privacy to contemplate the name on the wall. A bench along the fountain allows one to experience the entire wall of names, acknowledging as a group those who have sacrificed their lives to protect citizens of the Commonwealth.

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