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Visiting the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial

The Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial is adjacent to Richmond's Capitol Square, south of the Patrick Henry Building and near Virginia's Executive Mansion. The Patrick Henry Building's street address is 1111 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.


Weekday parking is limited to nearby metered spaces, lots and decks. To find parking, visit On weekends, you will find more readily available parking on city streets.


Before you visit, please note these guidelines:

  • Do not place coins or other items in the memorial fountain. Children should not be permitted to play on, in, or near the fountain.

  • Segways, bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades are not permitted in the memorial site.

  • You may feel free to leave mementos at the memorial wall, understanding they will eventually be removed. Perishable items, such as flowers, will be discarded; non-perishable items will be given to Virginia Public Safety Foundation.


Wall panels are not numbered at the memorial site, but you can easily find a loved one's name by referring to the graphic above, which superimposes numbers over the memorial. Facing the memorial wall, you can count from the left to find your loved one's location.

Search by last name:
Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial Wall Engraved Names (as of May 2023)
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