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Line of Duty Death /Injury Funds


VPSF provides immediate cash grant assistance to the families of public safety officers killed in the line of duty, with the goal of delivering this assistance as soon as possible following an officer's death. $2,000 is given to each family, providing reassuring financial support. During this time, families cope with the unexpected expenses of a sudden death before insurance or work benefits take effect.

VPSF's Line of Duty Death Fund was established with the belief that public safety officers make sacrifices each day to protect our families, so it is only appropriate that we, the citizens who benefit from their brave service, make some sacrifice to protect their families when their need is greatest.

To apply for support, please use the following application:


VPSF provides crisis financial support to public safety officers who are injured in the line of duty and unable to return to work, either for an extended period of time or permanently.


Injured officer grants are intended to help with household and medical expenses during the time an officer is awaiting disability or retirement benefits.


Agency chiefs can apply for support for one of their officers using the Line of Duty Injury Grant Application.


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