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Memorial Rededication

Memorial Rededication

2015 Medal of Valor

2015 Medal of Valor

Governor McAuliffe, Lieutenant Governor Northam and Secretary Moran present the 2015 Medal of Valor Award.

2013 Medal of Valor

2013 Medal of Valor

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Secretary of Public Safety Bryan Rhode present the Commonwealth Public Safety Medal of Valor in the Old House Chamber of Virginia's Capitol.

Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial

Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial

Memorial Fund Co-Chairs Jerry Kilgore and Terry McAuliffe join Governor Bob McDonnell to unveil the design of the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial in Richmond.

Memorial unveiling in Richmond

Memorial unveiling in Richmond

Governor Bob McDonnell and Secretary of Public Safety Marla Decker join Sue Garbarino and her daughters, survivors of Fairfax County Police Officer Mike Garbarino, to unveil the memorial design in Richmond.

Memorial unveiling in Bristol

Memorial unveiling in Bristol

Public safety officers representing agencies from across southwest Virginia gather in Bristol to unveil the design for the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial.

Memorial unveiling in Norfolk

Memorial unveiling in Norfolk

VPSF President Paula Miller and Immediate Past President Hadden Culp unveil the memorial design at an event at the Norfolk Police and Fire Museum.


"As we reflect on the achievements of 20 years of service we think not only about the families we’ve helped. We also think about the thousands of public safety families we never meet because their loved ones return home safely after each shift.


We pray that no one ever needs our help, but we also know the realities of crime, danger, and heroism inherent in serving as a first responder. Inevitably, evil acts and accidents occur and families who have carried the burdens and sacrifice of a loved one in public safety service are further upended by tragic loss.


These families—the ones we only come to know in moments of sadness—are the reason VPSF must always be prepared and the reason your support is so important."


Lisa Schaffner

VPSF President


Our Mission


VPSF serves as the official administrator of the Commonwealth Public Safety Memorial. From 2009-2014, VPSF led the campaign to build the memorial at Capitol Square in Richmond. It was dedicated on December 6, 2014, and became official property of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


VPSF continues to administer the memorial, providing for the annual addition of names and working closely with the state to provide for its maintenance.

To have a name considered for inclusion on the wall, please first review the criteria for inclusion and then fill out an application for consideration.


VPSF provides immediate cash grant assistance to the families of public safety officers killed in the line of duty, with the goal of delivering this assistance as soon as possible following an officer's death. $2,000 is given to each family, providing reassuring financial support. During this time, families cope with the unexpected expenses of a sudden death before insurance or work benefits take effect.

VPSF's Line of Duty Death Fund was established with the belief that public safety officers make sacrifices each day to protect our families, so it is only appropriate that we, the citizens who benefit from their brave service, make some sacrifice to protect their families when their need is greatest.

Line of Duty Death Fund Application (Word doc)

Line of Duty Death Fund Application (Adobe PDF)


VPSF provides crisis financial support to public safety officers who are injured in the line of duty and unable to return to work, either for an extended period of time or permanently.


Injured officer grants are intended to help with household and medical expenses during the time an officer is awaiting disability or retirement benefits.


Agency chiefs can apply for support for one of their officers using the application here.



VPSF provides educational scholarship opportunities for the dependents of public safety officers killed in the line of duty. VPSF's Scholarship Fund provides for the reimbursement of education expenses for qualified applicants.

Eligible applicants must meet the following requirements:

1) Applicant must be the spouse, life partner, child, or stepchild of public safety officer killed in the line of duty whose death has been certified an official line of duty death by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2) Applicant must have received a high school diploma or equivalency.

3) Applicant must be pursuing undergraduate or professional certification from an accredited institute.

4) "Child" survivors must be under the age of 25 to request assistance.

5) Adult survivors must request assistance within five years of the line of duty death.

Funds can be used for any educational purpose and have been used to support students with various goals, including four-year universities, community colleges and trade schools.


To download a scholarship application, click here.


VPSF serves as the official administrator of the Commonwealth Public Safety Medal of Valor, an honor presented annually by the Governor of Virginia to public safety officers who have displayed extreme courage in the line of duty, above and beyond the expectations of their work, having risked their own lives to save another.

The honor was first established in a 2001 law signed by Governor Mark Warner.

VPSF also administers the Commonwealth Public Safety Meritorious Service Medal, which is awarded to officers who display heroism in the line of duty.

The 2001 law creating the Governor's Medal of Valor designated that VPSF should provide for the administrative support necessary to implement the medal-not state or local governments. This includes providing for the production of the annual recognition ceremony at the state capitol, and administering the clerical duties associated with each.

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